Magickal Chants to Na’amah/Nahema

V.K. Jehannum

The name-vibration formula for the calling forth of Na’amah, composed of her names and the magickal words “Liftoach Qliphoth,” which mean “Open the Qliphoth.” The name “Ha-Nahemoth” means “the Great Whisperer” and the name “Na-Ama-Hema” means “Deathly Mother of Blood.”
Source: The Book of Sitra Ahra

This chant calls upon Na’amah.
Source: Tree of Shadows

The magickal formula whereby Naamah is summoned forth
Source: The Red Book of Appin

Naamah Nahemoth Nahema, Liftoach Shaari ha-Sitra Ahra
“(Names of Na’amah), Open the Gate to the Other Side”
Source: the MSS of the Temple of the Black Light

Agios o Na-Ama-Hema
“Numinous is Na’amah”
Source: V.K.

Salve Nahema…

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Incantation to Lilith to Banish Jehovah

V.K. Jehannum

Several Satanists who practice the Craft surrounded by or prayed for by Christians have noticed celestial forces inhibiting or weakening their rituals. This is an incantation to Lilith to protect the ritual from external interference from the god of Abraham and any of the spirits serving him– saints, angels, djinn that follow Allah, etc. Magickal chants were incorporated from several existing traditions and appear alongside some of the chants I made personally:

Agios Tzaphoni Ama Lilith Layilil (x6)

Ave Lilu Lilitu. Io Lilith. Domina Noctis.

Ama Lilith Layil Rimog Lilith

Lilit Malkah ha’Shadim.

Renich viasa avage Lilith.

I call upon Lilith, the Storm-Goddess of the Black Moon who manifests as Temptress and Destroyer and Vampyre against the worm called Yahweh who pursues my inhibition. I shall become as a blight unto the insufferable mongrels indentured to Jehovah.

I spurn the intrusion of the false god who in desperation strives for…

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Invocation of Adrammelech

V.K. Jehannum

Agios o Adar-Malik (x3)
[Numinous is Adra-Malik]

The Demonic Sphere of Acausal Venom which is home to deathly dragon-winged angels and sulphurous horrific spirits has a black adamantine throne within the cathedral at its epicenter. This is the throne of Adramelech, the Infernal Peacock Magus of the Forbidden Kliffotic Planes. Tonight I seek an audience with him.

Baruch ha-Adramelech, Melech ha-Qlipha ha-Kokab (x7)
[Blessed is Adramelech, King of the Mercurial Qlipha]

The Pansophical Demon-God Adramelech is the Lord of Venom and Flames whose multifarious eyes impart power and awakening to the congregation of the Black Lodge. This, my ritual of union with him, is a step on the infernal evolutionary path that I have chosen as mine.

Agios Adramelech Rex Venenum (x16)
[Numinous Adramelech King of Poison]

Sagacious and mighty demon, your name is Adra-Malik, and I call you into the vessel I AM.

Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Adrammelech (x16)

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V.K. Jehannum

Thantifaxath is one of the archdemons of the Tunnels of Set– i.e. the pathways between the ten realms of Hell or the Qliphoth. Despite the fact that it is the first pathway which the apsidomancer (witch who works with demons) will encounter, it is called  either the thirty-second pathway or the twenty-second pathway, depending upon whether or not the numeration includes the ten spheres. It lies between the first two realms of the Qliphoth, which are ruled by Nahema/Na’amah and Lilith.

Thantifaxath’s name means “Great Ghoul”, and the pathway over which he presides is filled with larvae, ghouls, succubi, incubi, and corpse candles which can teach the witch to exchange her carnal inclinations for metaphysical desires. This is the pathway which leads from Universe A, the material/causal plane, to Universe B, the spiritual/acausal plane(s). Perhaps this explains why it is filled with ghosts. This suggests that the pathway and its sentinel…

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Sometimes spelled Bael, Baël, Baell, Beelzebub

Numbers associated: 3, 102, 714
Planet: Venus
Metal: Gold
Element: Fire
Ehn: Ayer Secure On Ca Ba’al
Alternate Names: Bael, Baël, Baell, Beezelbub

Bael enables the Satanist to blend in and go unnoticed among their surroundings in a way that makes them almost invisible. He teaches the meaning of Luciferian Freedom by adopting different guises. He would probably be quite helpful in the undertaking of insight roles. He is a storm and war deity  who enjoys the “sounds of dying men and feeding off of their spirit powers as they die”.

He was originally a Cananite god of Agriculture, Fertility and ruled over life and death. He is the first of the 72 Goetic spirits and is a king ruling in the east. The name Ba’al literally translates to Lord and he is a King in the East
He is commonly depicted as having three heads, that of a cat, a toad and a human. He has a harsh voice and can offer much wisdom
He is the ruler of the Qlipha A’Arab Zaraq”

Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology by Rosemary Ellen Guliley
72 Goetic Demons by Asha’Shedim
So Three Demonolaters Walk into a Bar


All art by G A Rosenberg1-bael

Notes on Revolutionary Spiritualism

Kaos Butterfly


The term ‘Aryan’ describes an individual of the Western Race who has given himself to the lifelong pursuit of Knowledge and Power. Each White Brother or Sister has within themselves the Divine Spark, but it is the Aryan who has used it to set his or her soul aflame. The Aryan, in his unending quest for spiritual ascension, becomes a new archetype, the spiritual warrior, which is to be the phenotype for a new species, Homo galactica. The germination of this level attainment does not come until one’s 40s and the step into actual immortality does not begin until after one’s causal death.

Hebdomadry is a form of left-handed attainment with unique forms of ego-dissolving practices intended to bring about this development towards lapis philosophicus as quickly as possible. Although a lifelong process, if followed all the way through to the end the path ends in Immortality, as explicated in…

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